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Thread: 220v dryer out conversion to 110v?

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    Default 220v dryer out conversion to 110v?

    I have recently replaced my old electric Washer/Dryer combo that ran off a dedicated 200v circuit with a 2 pole 30amp breaker and single NEMA 14-30R outlet to a new energy efficient LG condensing Washer/Dryer unit that requires a 110v 12amps through a regular NEMA 5-15R outlet and I would really like to avoid running a new dedicated 110v 20amp circuit.

    I believe the NEMA 14-30R is a 4-wire (2x 110v circuits out of phase). Is it possible/legal/safe to reuse the existing wiring (8AWG?) for a pair of 110v 15 amp circuits?

    This would require replacing the 2 pole 30amp breaker with a pair of 15 amp breakers and also replacing the outlet. Would the wiring need to be tapped down or spliced to the 12/14 AWG?

    Don't worry I would be hiring a licensed electrician to do the actual work. Just brainstorming what I want to ask them to do.

    I've attached some pictures of the current socket and panel.

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    This is a common and simple conversion.

    1. Replace the 2 pole 30amp breaker with a 2 pole 20. You will only use one pole but I hate panel blank "fillers" They always fall out

    2. Replace the 240V receptacle with a 120V recep. The existing #10 wire will wrap arouind the terminals but it will be a bit difficult to manuver. Use black and white for the hot and neutral (hot = brass screw, neutral = silver screw). Bare ground goes to the green ground screw. Cap the extra red wire with a wirenut.

    The last thing is to decide how to deal with mounting the recep and the cover plate. I would do whatever is easy.

    2 gang box? Install a second recep and a double duplex cover plate or find a specialty duplex/blank plate.

    4s box with a 2 gang mud ring? Same as above or change the mud ring to single gang and patch the sides.

    I gang mud ring? Simply install the recep and cover plate.

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    Thanks for the reply. One 110v outlet will be fine. Just need to find an electrician now


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