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Thread: PVC Fitting - Using Elbow w/inlet w/toilet drain

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    Question PVC Fitting - Using Elbow w/inlet w/toilet drain


    I'm still planning out my DWV system, and came across two similar fittings that look very convenient for what I want to do.

    They are both elbows with side inlets. Is it acceptable to use this sort of fitting as a toilet drain, but have a sink drain into that inlet? I could just use a tee, but am wondering if this is just as good.

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    Both those fittings are illegal here. I think they would allow them for total dry venting if needed. I have never needed or known anyone that needed that fitting.

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    Well, illegal in Mass. is enough to convince me to shy away.

    Looking at it some more, I suppose it wouldn't be hard for waste coming down the larger elbow to end up getting into the inlet. That wouldn't be good.

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    The low heel is intended to provide a 2" vent rather than a waste inlet. The 2" outlet is to be oriented vertically as a vent. i have seen it used the way you propose and it works, but it will likely not pass an inspection. I have used the side inlet elle for venting purposes only. However, you might want to look into a sanitary tee with a side inlet. This fixture should accomplish your goal. Picture a 3" sanitary tee with a 2" inlet in the side. This is a permissible drainage fitting that allows you to run a toilet and another waste line, such as a shower (which can be challenging to back vent), at the same level without an additional vent. In this exmple a 2" trap arm would extend from the 2" side inlet to the tub/shower trap. However, you have to orient the fitting so that the waste entering the 2" inlet would run straight down the stack as opposed to horizontilly. This way, the waste from the two fixtures would enter the stack at the same point. You then continue your stack up in 3" or reduce it to 2" (minimum for a toilet). I suppose you can use this fitting for a sink as well as a shower, but you would probably need to back vent the sink anyway since your sink trap would likely be too far from the fitting (and therefore from the vent). I hope that makes sense.

    The 2" vent is on the high side of the fitting
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