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Thread: drain tile around swimming pool

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    Default drain tile around swimming pool

    I am getting bids for a new inground pool. Two builders place drain tile at base of pool and backfill with stone or sand. Another backfills with dirt, then about 6" from grade places drain tile. He says this is the only way to get a proper slope away from the pool to drainage easement. This builder uses the excavated dirt to backfill, which in my area is very heavy, sticky, clumpy clay. My concerns with each are: will backfilling with stone/sand encourage water to accumulate and will a proper slope be obtained with the base of the pool at 3' below grade? Will backfillling with this clumpy clay leave big pockets for water to sit?
    Though my yard is bone dry in summer, I do get a LOT of water in the spring from snow melt so this is a great worry to me. Water behind the liner can cause it to float.
    Which of these methods is the better?

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    Backfilling with expansive soil (clay) is not a good idea.

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    Default drain

    "clumpy" backfill is not a good idea for any purpose, much less a pool. What type of pool is it? If it is a "gunite" pool, as long as it has water in it, it will not "float". If it does not have water in it, almost any pool could float if enough water were able to surround it, (not just accumulate at the bottom).

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    It is a vinyl liner pool. I guess with liner pools if water seeps in behind the liner the liner can lift up off away from the floor and walls.
    The builder also pours the concrete decking on the second day. He claims that it takes years, not days or weeks for the ground to settle. They overdig the pool only 12 inches so most of the decking in on undisturbed soil.


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