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Thread: Lawn Sprinkler: BackFlow Preventer, Take it in in Winter???

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    Default Lawn Sprinkler: BackFlow Preventer, Take it in in Winter???

    Hi all,

    I am about to winterize my lawn Sprinkler System.

    Question is the BackFlow Preventer, does any of you take it inside (the removeable part of the BFP) in Winter???


    Omaha Nebraska

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    I take mine in for a couple of reasons. First, I connect my air compressor line to the pipe that connects to the output side of the BFP. Second, although there are other ways to connect the air, I am always a bit concerned that maybe just a tad bit of water might remain in the BFP and cause a problem. I connect the BFP with 1" copper unions, so it isn't a major undertaking to R&R it. I made an adapter with half of a 1" union, a 1" nipple, a reducer to 1/2", a 1/2" ball valve, a nipple and a reducer to an air quick connector that my air hose snaps on to. I blow 1 zone at a time using 2 sixty gallon tanks of air each. I shut the ball valve while the tank is refilling. I never turn the air into the line when the zone valve is closed. This is a bit slower than the yard services with the huge industrial compressors, but they charge $50 so if it takes me 2 hours, that's $25 an hour for my time. I usually put the BFP back in about the 1st of March, then it's ready for it's annual certification inspection whenever the technician is in the neighborhood.

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    Default Where do you live....

    The need to remoive the BF Preventor has 2 condiotions :

    1. Where do you live ? - What is the Freeze point ?
    2. Is it protected ?

    1. If above griound and open , most likely need to remove
    2. If Above Ground and Insulated ( fake rock etc ) - Temp Dependent
    3. If Below Ground What is your heavy frost depth ?

    I live in North Carolina and have an below ground BFP that is 12 below ground in an insulated box. Our typical frost layer is 6 inches and a max of 12 in sever winter. ( Have not w=seen this in over 10 years.)

    I just close the valve before the BFP, blow out the system, and that is it.

    Good Luck


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