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Thread: Sealing air leaks

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    Default Sealing air leaks

    I noticed some nasty air leaks from around the windows and was just wondering what is recommended for sealing?

    Here's a picture of the biggest gap 5/16 inch

    around most parts of the windows the gap is very small, 1 to 2 16ths

    For the large gap should I be looking at some kind of expanding foam or just use extra caulking down there

    Latex or Silicone?

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    A white paintable latex will look about right even unpainted, and is good for gaps up to about 1/2".

    Silicones aren't usually paintable, and won't look as good on it's own.

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    Couldn't tell from the picture...are the gaps between the window and its frame or between the frame and the wall? If between the window and frame, sounds like since it varies, it wasn't squared up properly during installation. If it is in the wall, and the thickness of the wall, I think some low-expansion foam would both seal and anchor it into the opening...then, maybe a bead of caulk if it is visible and not covered with trim.
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