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Thread: Help: 14 inch rough + 27.5 inch front to back

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    Default Help: 14 inch rough + 27.5 inch front to back

    I am looking for a replacement toilette for a space that has an existing 14 inch rough and only 27.5 inches of space front to back (due to how the door swings open into the bathroom). My trusted plumber can only find one model that will fit this space which is a Kohler Rialto which doesn’t get great reviews.

    I would love to get a Toto but it doesn’t seem like any of them fit.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

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    That's a tough one... I checked one of the Totos that use the unifit adapter, and (at least on the one I checked), the toilet is 28" and sits 3/4" off the wall.

    Would it be at all possible to put in a pocket door? that can work wonders in a small room. They also make some that slide on the outside of the wall in case the wall in question has lots of wiring or pipes, too. A good dual track, ball-bearing track and it is a fingertip to open or close. they make locking latches for the things, too (I have one on my door to the bathroom).
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