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Thread: An odd air-bleeding problem

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    Question An odd air-bleeding problem

    Have a 2-story house with one-zone hydronic baseboard heating (upper and lower floors are piped separately, but only one thermostat). This is an old house with heavy cast-iron baseboard radiators.

    All rooms get heat EXCEPT one room on the upper floor. Naturally I expected to get air when I opened that room's radiator's bleeder valve. Instead I got lots of cold water and no air coming out (circulating pump was running).

    What now? Clearly water is getting into this radiator -else I wouldn't get (cold) water out of the bleeder. After bleeding, the inlet side wasn't even a little bit warm.

    Could the outlet side (downstream of the bleeder) be clogged?
    Could the inlet valve be faulty (only letting water flow when there's a big pressure differential)?

    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated

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    there are 2 separate issues:'
    is the air out of the system, answer: yes.

    two is there any fwATer flow thru the ratidator, no.

    The supply valve may be shut( that will still allow air to be bled bcs water would push up the return.)
    or any other flow blockage

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