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Thread: Timers switches

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    Default Timers switches

    I am installing a heater/exhaust fan in my bathroom and wanted to use a timer for both of these.

    I only saw these leviton 6560M-W (http://www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/ibeCC...&section=17139) at home depot.

    However, I am not sure if I can use this on the heater. it is a 1300 Watt heater - Broan 655 (http://www.broan.com/display/router.asp?ProductID=571)

    Would this timer work and if not, what do i need to look for in a timer for a heater?

    Also would this timer work for the exhaust fan?

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    1300w > 500w.

    I'm not sure why they insist on an incandescent load, but I doubt this timer would work with an inductive load fan.
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