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Thread: Rheem power vent mod# 21VP50-1P won't lite.

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    Default Rheem power vent mod# 21VP50-1P won't lite.

    I'd appreciate your help on this.

    I heard the power vent fan running long after the last shower and knew it was in a lockout condition. I cycled the power to see what would happen. The pressure switch closed but the ingniter didn't glow at all.

    I suspect that it's ether the ignition control module (HS74ln-104A) or the "glow plug" isad. How do I tell which on is bad? Do you think it could be something else?


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    Talking how old is the unit???

    I dont think that they have used the glow plug ignnitor since the early 90s..

    so how old is it....???

    if it is over 15 years old you are in big trouble getting parts for it...


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