I'm on a well. My pressuse is set to 20/40, I plan on increasing it to 40/60. I am installing a Flotec pressure tank from Home Depot that uses a 1 inch pipe size. From the pressure tank, I have an iron filter and water softner installed that use 3/4" copper pipe for all its connections. I would like to use 1" pipe from the filter/softner system for the rest of the house's main distribution. Does this make sense going from 1" (from the pressure tank) to 3/4" (for the water filtration system) to 1" for the main distribution pipe? Or should I use 3/4" for the main distribution pipe since it has been reduce to that when it went through the fitration system? I have 32 total fixture units for the house and the chart recommends 1" pipe for the distribution.

Thanks for any help.