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Thread: Low Water Pressure

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    Question Low Water Pressure

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can Help me?

    I just bought a home on a foreclosure sale Anyways! It's been vacant for 7 years and I tried to use the water outside this past weekend and noticed that I dont have really any water pressure and then I went inside and noticed the same thing!? So what now? I'm not going to lie I dont know the first thing about what I should do? Do I call a plumber or do I try to do something myself?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me about draining a hot water tank also? Sorry I have alot of questions any advice in real laymens terms would be greatly appreciated!



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    Do you have a well or city water?

    If a well, do you have a submersible (in the well) pump or a jet pump (above ground)?

    Have you checked all the water sut off valves are fully open?

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    This is one of those times to call around and see who your friends like/use for plumbing . It might not be cheap,,,but it sure sounds like it would be worth it.

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    As far as pressure, if you are on city water, the house pressure regulator probably got gummed up from sitting 7 years.

    To drain the water heater, you connect a hose to the drain, and open a hot water tap inside the house to prevent vacuum on the system . Open the drain valve and away you go. Now, here is the first place you may run into a problem which will be common throughout the house: (1) the drain valve may be stuck. (2) the valve may be gummed up with sediment and not allow water to drain. (3) if you get past 1 and 2, the valve may not close properly again due to gunk in the system.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Hi I am on city water and I will remember to include that next time! Ok well I'm going to try these things on my own and if they dont work it looks like it's Plumber time!

    thanks again



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