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Thread: compressor air lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakee911 View Post
    How do you figure? I would think it would be the opposite since plastic is a better insultor...no?
    I would have thought the same exact thing, but here is what I read...

    "By using metal piping of proper size, not only does the piping serve as an 'air reservoir', it also enables the moisture-laden air to cool so that the water separators can do their job." .... "Moisture condenses in the cold metal pipe and can be easily removed by the water separators." ..... "Do not use plastic pipe, as plastic will not help cool the air...."

    Basically, they are saying the plastic pipe doesn't condense and it stays more "air borne" so it isn't easily separtated, whereas in the metal pipe, I guess it condenses, thefore it can be separated.

    I thought it was very interesting. Again, I would have thought the same....

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    ON our SCBA fill stations, all the tubing is plastic. That's 6000 psi. Granted we have separate dryers and filters though. Plastics are an option, you just have to use the right ones. I'd still use copper simply because its easily available and easy to work with. Your only tools are a torch, a cutter, and something to clean the joints with.
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    Default air

    What kind of plastic is rated for 6,000 psi? It would have to be the o.d. size of 2" pipe with a hole the i.d. size of a 3/4" one down the middle. At least PEX would split, not shatter.


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