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Thread: Saniflo...Plumbing Code?

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    Default Saniflo...Plumbing Code?


    I am new to this forum, and I am looking for some help.
    I am a homeowner and I recently submitted some plans into my local building department for review. The project entails a basement bathroom where I would like to use the Saniflo Sanigrind sewage waste pump. The building department says that the unit is not approved for use in the state of Illinois. However, I have read on the internet that others from Illinois have installed them. Saniflo also has dealers in the state of Illinois, and a Saniflo article of an installer from Illinois who highly recommends this product. My question is, does the Illinois Plumbing Code state which products are acceptable/legal, and where can I find this information; in order to select the required/legal waste pump system.


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    Most jurisdiction accept products which carry an approval from IAPMO. Your area may require some other approval. And a toilet, for example, could be IAPMO listed, but that system not allowed. Your local building department and inspectors should be able to explain. Also , the code book. I don't know what code IL runs on.

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    Default saniflo

    Being for sale in an area, and even being used by consumers, does not make it an approved unit. Call your SaniFlo distributor and ask if it has passed the approval process, and if so to submit the required paperwork to your building department.


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