I have a Weil Mcclain oil fired boiler that I am trying to bleed, having some success, but not quite right as I can hear the water flowing when the circulator turns on. Also, it seems to build up to the cut off temperature more quickly than before, thereby shutting down the burner. There are 2 zones and each baseboard radiator has a bleeder valve. All that is on the boiler itself is a drain valve at the very bottom. There is no "quick fill" valve or any other locations to attach a garden hose as I have seen mentioned elsewhere on the web. Anyway, what I am doing, one zone at a time, is waiting for the boiler to get up to some temperature, then opening each bleeder valve one at a time, first closest to the boiler, then next, and so forth. I don't seem to be getting any air, but can still hear the water flowing so I don't think I'm doing it right.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.