We have a water pump, filter and bladder tank in our utility room and about 100 feet of 1 1/4" flexible pipe from the cottage to the lakeshore, ending with a footvalve, about fifty feet from the lakeshore in about 25 feet of water.
The pipe is exposed under the cottage about four feet, then it is buried all the way to the lake. Each fall, after draining all of the water inside the cottage, we pull up the foot valve, remove it and drain the water from this pipe.
This year, we hoped to install a Hanflo Quick Disconnect valve closer to the beach (we had estimated/hoped for 3 feet of water) so that we could drain the water without the need for a boat - allowing us to start/drain the water systems for an occasional weekend visit before the snow arrives.

However, we realize now that the pipe is buried in the water and even with the low water of the fall, access to the pipe in the water is at least five feet deep. I am doubtful that the water will go down much further.

Our cottage sees -20 degrees in the winter and six feet of snow. We are looking for a solution that allows us to drain the systems easily (i.e. no boat and not get wet) and does not put the pipes at risk of breaking.

thanks for your help,