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Thread: Use flocculant on a water well?

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    Default Use flocculant on a water well?

    About the middle of July our well gave us a severely limited amount of water. A company did two hydro fracs on the well, the last one being done on August 7, 2009. We have been running the water constantly since then for 8 weeks to get it clean. For the last three weeks we have hit a plateau, with the water quality not improving. It is a silvery grey and is not settling out when put in a clear glass. Last Monday (1 ˝ weeks ago), we decided that maybe the bottom arteries are not getting cleaned out because of the head pressure in the well, so instead of running the water all day through a faucet and bathtub in the house, we decided to run the well almost dry through a hose in the basement quickly. The first day we did it, we got extremely grey water, which gradually got clearer. We are again at the point where we are getting this silvery grey water and nothing is settling out. Lab work on the water said that this is shale, PH looks almost perfect
    Today, we called back the guy who did the hydro-fraccing and he said he would order floc for the well. He is coming Tuesday or Wednesday to do this. He said if this doesn’t work then we need to get a water treatment system.
    This past summer, my husband had to floc our pool (on the recommendation of a pool center) and it totally messed up our filter for about three weeks (constantly clogged, had to backwash constantly – sometimes after 3 minutes)
    My questions are:
    1. Does anyone have any experience with flocking a well, and can you offer any pointers to the advantages/disadvantages, what to be careful of, etc.?
    2. If the well is flocked…how should the water/ solids in the water/coagulated material be pumped out?
    3. If this well is flocked, does it mess with the screen on the well pump?
    4. After flocking, what happens to the new water from the arteries coming into the well? Should this water be clean? Does it have to be flocked again?
    5. Should the well pump screen be pulled and cleaned?
    6. Why didn’t we have this problem before the hydro-fraccing?


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    If he isn't going to do it, tell him to develop the well. He can purge it with air or a bailer etc. but it needs to be done with or without floc. He needs to get the well clean of any 'sediment' and then clear water.

    You shouldn't have well screen, you'll have a rock bore well. Pump screen holes are too large for this 'stuff' to block.

    BTW, shale doesn't do this but drilling mud and cuttings does.
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