Hello, maybe someone could give me some help and clarify some things for me.
I am getting ready to replace one of the overhead lights in my living room. I need to figure out if I need to make any upgrades to the wiring or the ceiling box. The circuit that the fan is to get connected to also powers a number of lights in the hall, dining room and living room. Here is the breakdown by room:

Hall- 4 bulbs 60w each (240w)
Dining- 4 bulbs 60w each (240w)
Living- 2 bulbs 100w, 1 bulb 40w (390w)
New Fan- 101w for fan + 3 bulbs 60w each (281w)
Total- 1001w

The current circuit is 14 AWG wire on a 15A breaker. Can I add the fan on this circuit, or do I have to add a new one?
Also, the ceiling box is gray plastic (nail on I think). I doubt that it will stand the weight and rotational force of the fan. What should it be changed to?
Thanks for your input.