Has anyone done anything like this before?

I'm in the process of installing a sprinkler system. I am working on one zone at a time as I move soil and plant grass. The local sprinkler company has been very helpful and I asked them this question and they said yes and he tried to explain, but I didn't catch everything he said and didn't want to keep him any longer.

I am hoping a sandpoint well, with a 3/4hp pump, that I am in process of installing will power everything, if not, it will be tied to city water and this is a mute point as I don't want chlorinated (sp?) water filling if I'm not there to add neutralizer.

I realize I would need a float sensor, like on a sump pump, and I've seen those. I was told I would also need a switch, forget name, that sends signal to pump for it to kick on. From there I am a bit lost how it would connect to a control panel and tie together.

I should also mention I don't have a control panel yet, so if I should look at a certain one that would be great.

I guess part of my confusion is, would it really need to be tied to the sprinkler system control panel....