I have a 3/4 HP. Goulds JS07 from '93 that I suspect finally kicked the bucket. Two weeks ago we ran out of water, went out, turned off the pressure pump as it was VERY hot. Once our 1,000 gallon tank filled 3/4 of the way, I kicked the pump back on but it was unable to shut itself off. I had to lower the cut-in/cut-off pressure for it to shut off.

Then comes just this last Tuesday, we ran out of water again! I'm thinking our well is slowly starting to dry up(sediment in water) as we were barely using any water, hell we were using laundromat to wash clothes. Anyway, when I discovered we were out of water I ran down to the well to shut off the pressure pump. Skip to Friday where our storage tank has barely filled to four rings(It's at 5 now), so I plug the pump back in and it starts working. But one thing I noticed is that it wasn't building any pressure at all. None of the fittings are leaking, so I'm thinking the pump has finally met its days, is this correct?