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Thread: America's Most Stressful Cities

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    Default America's Most Stressful Cities

    Which ones would you pick?http://realestate.yahoo.com/promo/am...l0aWVzLTIwMDk-

    These are the top 5:

    Top 5 Most Stressful Cities in America
    1. Chicago, Ill.
    2. Los Angeles, Calif.
    3. New York, N.Y.
    4. Cleveland, Ohio
    5. Providence, R.I.

    Whew! I am safe...

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    Having been to Chicago, Cleveland and New Jersey just outside of New York, I hope I never have to go on into that city!

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    I have been to all these cities except for Providence, R.I. and not sure why this would be on the list unless like me no one else goes here as well.

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    Honestly? I have no idea why NYC would be on that list right now, if they're talking about housing prices.

    32% of mortgages in the US, right now, are "underwater" - people owe more than the house is worth.

    In NYC, it's 6%.

    Now, sunny vs cloudy days... air quality... yeah, okay. But housing recession?

    I'd rather be here than Nevada, Arizona, Florida or California. We shouldn't even be in the top 100 cities, on that stuff.
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