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Thread: New pressure tank w/o removing old one?

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    Default New pressure tank w/o removing old one?

    I am relatively sure my pressure tank is bad, when you turn the water on the pressure gauge goes up and down rapidly and the relay kicks on, off, on, off, the entire time water is running. My problem is the pressure tank is in ground and, being buried almost 20 years ago, I am not real sure where it is. My question is, rather than digging up half my yard can I leave the faulty tank alone and simply install a new tank. Our home is different than when the well was first drilled and I have room to put a tank under the house where the pressure gauge and relay box are. The pump is submersible. My thinking is if the old tank is flooded and has no air pressure it would basically is now just a big bulge in the supply line and there should be no problem with just adding a new tank but I am not positive.

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    You have it correct. The only thing I see being a problem is the old one springing a leak someday.


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    Why don't you find an air compressor and make a connection to the system near where the water comes into the house. keep all faucets turned off. If you have a softener, put it on bypass. Turn the ele. off at the pump. You figure out where the best place to drain the water. A lot easier if you can do all the work in the basement or a utility room. The idea is to get a bubble of air back in that old tank, then open a drain valve. Keep this up till you can get a lot of air back in that old tank. soon you will have enough air in there, it will blow the rest of the water out. Then charge the tank with about 20 pounds if air pressure and then turn the electric back on.
    It works......


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