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Thread: Best Toilet for 10" Rough-in, approximately 25-26" length?

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    Default Best Toilet for 10" Rough-in, approximately 25-26" length?

    I need to replace a broken toilet in a very small bathroom. The rough-in appears to be 10" and the broken toilet (a 30-year-old Eljer) sticks out from the wall at total of 25+ inches. So far, the only new model of toilet that I've found to meet these specifications is a St. Thomas Creation Marathon Toilet by Eclipse. I've never heard of this company before and I am hoping that someone out there can recommend another choice. With many thanks for your thoughts on the matter! Dana

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    The only one from Toto is the CST703-10 Reliance 2pc toilet the front to back dimension is 26" but there is also a 1" gap between the wall and the tank, so overall it would be 27".



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