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Thread: Shameless plug & request for feedback

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    Default Shameless plug & request for feedback

    I just made my first website - for my wife.

    I know it still needs some work - the main gallery takes too long to load & I should split it up. But other than that...?

    Looking for feedback, suggestions, comments, compliments, insults... whatever. Have at it.

    Whaddya think?

    Master Plumber Mark:

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    it smells like......victory......

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    Just so everyone's clear: I'm the POODLE in the picture ("french", get it?) The hot woman is my wife.

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    It's very nice Frenchie and she does very pretty work.

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    You need something a little more on the homepage.

    Perhaps an about Virginia, or something like that. Make that first page useful rather than just for links.

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    Smile Beautiful!

    Your site is beautiful. I am very impressed! The only comment I would offer is that the gallery page is very slow to load, due to the large number of graphic files. It displays the scroll bar, and then there is a gap of nearly a minute before anything else comes up. I'm on fast DSL here, so it would be worse for the many people still on dial-up. You worry that people will see the blank page, think there is a problem with the site, or just decide they don't want to wait. I would suggest adding a line of text that welcomes them, explains what they are going to see and why it is worth waiting for, or asks them to wait just a bit while the many images load, so you don't lose anyone. I didn't go into check the individual image sizes - I assume that you have generates small jpegs from the large files and only load the large files when someone clicks on the thumbnail? If not, that would really speed up the loading.

    Congratulations - not just on the site - your work is LOVELY.


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