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Thread: Valve problem on PVB

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    Default Valve problem on PVB

    I have a Watts PVB attached to my drip system.

    It came with the house when I moved in. On the timer box, I've set my drip system for manual to make sure the drip system was working correctly.

    Nothing's coming out. My wife, who had the house before I moved in, mentioned that it was working before, but wasn't sure if it was working now.

    I checked my spigot with the main water valve and I've got pressure to the spigot. However, I don't feel any pressure into the PVB. I noticed that the output valve handle on the PVB won't turn. The input will, but the output won't.

    Also, I took apart the PVB and cleaned out all relevant parts. Didn't seem to make a difference?

    Any ideas? Admittedly I'm not an expert in this, so I'm not sure what to do next



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    Are you getting any water out of the test cocks? They are the little valves with screwdriver slots. If your getting water out of #2 test cock then the #2 valve is off. If you have no water out of ether test cock then #1 valve is off or the water is off some where before the PVB.



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