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Thread: Another Flange Problem

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    Default Another Flange Problem

    Great Site! Thanks. I think I've read every thread on replacing a rusted corroded PVC toilet flange.....something I have. I decided to use the Oatey Moss Bay Flange replacement. The whole thing seems pretty straight forward. There's only one thing I'm not sure of.....

    What is the best way to cut the old flange away from and out of the grove in the PVC pipe? I have about an inch between the flange and the sub-floor (I removed the 3/4'' flake board flooring that was water damaged). Any suggestions?

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    If it is really rusty, it may just come apart if you grab it with a pair of big pliers and twist. Otherwise, cut it with a hack saw up to the plastic, then grip with some pliers and twist until it breaks, then you should be able to pull it apart enough to take off. If needed, you could make a second cut, then it should be even easier.
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