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Thread: Sharkbite and hot water baseboard

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    Default Sharkbite and hot water baseboard

    Hello to all. I have a hot-water baseboard in my 2nd floor master bath that I want to either move or remove entirely. It will be very difficult if not impossible to sweat new fittings from below. I thought about using Sharkbit connectors to attach the new configuration, but I see that they are rated for only upto 200F. My boiler hi-temp is set at around 210F. This baseboard is at the head of the zone and the pipe registers 209F on an infrared thermometer. Maybe this is a stupid question, but can I use Sharkbites on this baseboard? I know the system is low pressure so I thought I'd ask anyway.

    Another possibility: should I lower the temp setting on the boiler to 200F or will this screw up efficiency? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

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    You can lower the boiler temperature setting to 180 and probably gain something in efficiency. As for the Shark Bites...I don't know.


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