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Thread: Toilet Flushes-Bathtub Gurgles

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    Default Toilet Flushes-Bathtub Gurgles

    We are about to replace our builder grade 3.5gal flushers with 1.6 ada, elongated TOTOs. One bath has a weird quirk-when you flush the toilet the bathtub gurgles-nothing comes up in the tub just the gurgle sound from the tub drain. The old toilet has worked fine with very few plunging episodes in the past 7 yrs we have owned the house. Is this something we may be able to fix with the installation of the new toilet? Thanks to all the great info and advice here that lead me to purchasing an Ultramax & Mercer. Never though I could be excited about toilets!! Zorji

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    I don't think it will fix anything, the gurgle that is.

    You may want to run a handsnake down the tub and see if that helps.

    I'm sure you will be happy with your choices.
    I installed a TOTO Mercer near Green Lake in Seattle.
    It looked amazing in a home that old.

    Toto Mercer

    To the left in the picture, you can see the cleanout for the old school drum trap on the tub.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will try to snake the tub. Zorji

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    The toilets are now installed and the gurgle is gone! It seems the problem was inadequate venting and once we went from 3.5 gal flush to 1.6 the system was able to handle it.


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