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Thread: my pump won't turn off

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    Default my pump won't turn off

    I realized about a month ago I had a leaky faucet. One day I went to use my outside water faucet from my well and there was no water.
    I did some research and realized I need to pre-prime the pump by adding more water back the opposite way.
    My well is only about 7 feet deep- I have 1/2 hp Goulds pump above ground with a Wet-Flo Pre-Pressure water System tank.
    After I put more water back in the system I turn on the pump and tuned on some of faucets which were flowing again. The only problem was the pump never turned off- The pressure was about 50-60psi and the pumps continue to be on and also get supper hot-
    Don't know if the shut off for the pressure guage is not working or what- please help.

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    Your pressure switch is not working. either because the contacts have welded themselves together or because the pipe and or tube that connects it to the system is plugged with crap.


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