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Thread: Easiest Flushers?

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    Default Easiest Flushers?

    I can see that the different Toto models come with various handle configurations and flush mechanisms. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in flushing ease with the different model Toto toilets?

    I have a Toto Drake - which works very well - in one bathroom and am going to be installing two new toilets in other bathrooms. My only complaint about the Drake is itsí relatively small side mounted handle which makes the flush push hard and painful for anyone with weakened hand or arm function. In my particular installation, the flush lever is very close to an adjacent vanity which requires the handle to be operated by thumb push - an operation which even I can find a little uncomfortable, and my wife refuses to do. I need the new toilets to be easier to flush.

    Thanks for your help.


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    The Dalton has a longer handle that pushes easier

    Or you can pick up a Right Hand tank for the Drake.

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