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Thread: We have two wells.....

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    Question We have two wells.....

    We are fortunate enough to have two wells. The shallow well is approximately 60 feet and the deep well is about 185 feet.

    The shallow well is soft water and the deep well has a lot of iron in it...it's is hard water....This is our back-up well.

    Lately we have been having trouble with both. My father, God rest his soul, took care if both for years. Both have been working well for the past 10 or so years since my father passed in 1991.

    Now we have a problem. We have a 'bladder' in the holding tank for the shallow well. The well is full....we checked it today but the pump keeps running and the pressure goes up past 60 on the gage before it shuts off. What is the normal pressure for the 'bladder tank".

    The deep well is filling up but the pump won't shut off. Husband says it is filling beyond the air inlet. This well has an old fashion pump, the foot valve 185 feet down but the pump is in the basement. Is this tank air logged? What do we do?

    I can't remember the signs between 'air logged' and 'water logged'.

    Hoping for a reply before we spend a fortune.


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    I recently moved into a house with a well. Reading this, I had no idea of any of the answers to your questions and that scares me a bit. Does anyone know of a good online guide to wells? Wells for dummys?

    Good luck on your problem!

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    Hi Foxy,

    Airlogged is not really a condition. Waterlogged is when the tank is full of water. Causing the pump to cycle rapidly. (Not a good thing)

    If you have a bladder tank full of water, it should be replaced.

    Marc, I don't really know of any sites quite like that, but you might learn a few things about wells etc. from my /FAQ page



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