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Thread: Air in the water line

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    Question Air in the water line

    We have a 35 foot hand dug well. We have lived here for 3 years and never had a problem until now. For the last month or so we have noticed that when turning on the outside hoses to water the lawn there is alot of air. Now the toilets and sinks in the house seem to spit. At first it would go away but now I can set a sprinkler and let it run for an hour and it spits the whole time. We have no problem with pressure and seem to be able to use alot of water (showers, laundry, watering) just like always. I have listened to the main pipe coming into the house and can hear air. Any ideas?? Thanks

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    It sounds as if the water level in the well has fallen to the inlet of the pump; commonally called a dry well. IMO, you should start water conservation procedures.

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    It could be like Gary said.

    Do you know what kind of tank you have, and do you know if you have a submersible pump or a jet pump?

    If you have a jet with a galvanized tank with an air volume control, you may have to replace the acv or eliminate it.
    When the diaghram goes bad in them, they will pull air into the pump and do just what you are describing.



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