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Thread: Tub drain clogged issues in a condo. Please help!!

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    Default Tub drain clogged issues in a condo. Please help!!


    I live in a seven story condo building, about a month ago my bathtub drain clogged so I used some maxigel, draino. That seemed to work, tub drains but very slowly. However, recently rusty water has been backing up out of the tub drain when I use the bathroom sink or when the neighbors shower. Also the person living downstairs complaint of water leakage when my neighbor was showering. I'm reeally confused as to where the problem is. Does it sound like a main or a common pipe is clogged which is the management company's responsibility or does it sound like its something on my end??

    Do plumbers have pipe cams so they can investigate and find out what the problem is exactly? how much would that cost?

    I haven't use the tub since the water started backing up. Please any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    First of all, you should understand that chemical drain cleaners seldom work. Moreover, the create a hazard for plumbers and anyone coming in contact with overflow. Secondly, in a condo you have special restrictions beyond single unit homeowners. What is needed is a professional plumber to auger the entire drain. Yes, there are cameras that can inspect inside the pipe. Costs for any plumbing services varies greatly from place to place, so it is impossible to even guess how much it may cost, but frankly, you don't really have much choice.

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    Thanks so much for the response. Advice taken, no more chemicals! I have nothing against calling in the pros but I am just wondering if bathroom sink water backs out of tub drain and when neighbor showers water also back out of tub drain could it be a shared pipe that is clogged in which case the management co should call someone. A few plumbers I contacted before refused to work with clogged drains in condo building

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    If you are still watching this thread...the line that is plugged is a common line
    (Yours and the neighbors)
    The ass'n should handle this for you in hiring a plumber to open the drains
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    Default leak

    If your neighbor's water backs up into your shower, then it is the common piping involved. The leak downstairs is probably showing up because of the backed up water in his shower. It will probably stop leaking when the drain is fixed, but that does not mean the leak is fixed, just the symptom.


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