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Thread: Excessive condensation

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    Unhappy Excessive condensation

    We recently bought a house that's on a well. The water coming from the well is very cold. The past few weeks have been very humid and we've been noticing a lot of condensation.

    In the basement and under our kitchen sink it actually gets so bad it drips from the pipes. Would adding some kind of insulation help?

    If we use the toilet a couple times in a row, it will get so cold that water will condense on the entire surface of the bowl and tank, drip, and pool in the bathroom. I can't imagine how to help that besides leaving a towell on the floor. It's an old toilet, any chance newer ones would insulate better? Any suggestions?

    Is this just something I shouldn't worry about?

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    Insulation or lagging tape on the pipes will solve the problem under the house.

    For the toilet. they do make lined tanks, and you can also get lagging kits to install inside the tank. Another option is to install a tempering valve which mixes some hot water with the cold going to the toilet.

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    The tempering valve is my first choice. then get some pipe covering. The type that most hardwares or big box stores sell. It comes split and easy to install. you can cut the ends to a 45 degree to make corners.Get a roll of electrictions tape and close up the insulation. Works great........
    P.s. I don't think insulated toilet tanks work well. they cost more too. Tempering valve is best for toilets..
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