LOL, I've scanned this forum enough already to predict the answer - Toto, right?

Here's the deal. I wish I could afford the G-max Toto Drake right now, but I can't and it really doesn't suit my needs anyway. I need a round bowl (or an unusually short elongated one) with a comfort height seat. This toilet is for a 1/2 bath the size of a closet in an older house!

I've read some dissing of the Jacuzzi Perfecta here, but seen some good reviews elsewhere - except it sounds like they've had some problems with the tank bolts in the past?

I guess I'd like some information for why the Dalton would be better, if you think it is, or just what's so bad about the Perfecta? It's got a 1000 MAP rating and a wider flush valve than the Dalton. Does anyone have anything good to say about it at all? Which one would be better for bowl cleanse? Or is the general consensus that ANY Toto is better than any Jacuzzi?