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Thread: Toilet in Roll-in Shower

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    Exclamation Toilet in Roll-in Shower


    I hope you can help me!

    I had my bathroom remodeled so I now have a "tiled" roll in shower, and my toilet
    is set within the shower.

    My problem is that when the shower pan was put down, it was cut around the waste pipe.
    Now when I shower, water is leaking (from the toilet) dripping down on the basement ceiling.

    We have used all kinds of sealant imaginable!
    How can this be fixed? Is there a kit for the toilet?

    I need your help!


    Shellie Stewart

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    Default leak

    The contractor that did the remodel should have taken that into consideration.......

    Not being able to see your problem, The first thing to come to mind is to take up the toilet and see what can be done. At the very least, those wax rings that are used to set the toilet, could also be used to seal around the toilet pipe.

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    It sounds like a makeshift process was used to put the toilet in the shower.

    One solution would be to put a vertical flange around the hole in the shower pan that rises higher than the shower drain.

    1. Remove toilet.
    2. Check the bottom of the toilet to determine where a vertical flange can be installed to clear the underside of the china. Make a pattern and test fit.
    3. Form a metal flange that can be attached to the pan with rivets and/or solder, and fasten it to the pan with a PERMANENT waterPROOF seal. The top of the flange should be at least 1/2 inch above the top of the tile floor of the shower.
    4. Install tile as in the shower, or very good concrete grout, a little higher than the existing shower floor but still clearing the china of the toilet, all the way to the new vertical flange, so the water doesn't stand around the flange. Grout or seal the pan VERY WELL.
    5. Be sure that you seal the area where the toilet is bolted down. There must be NO PATH from the shower to the floor.
    6. Pour some water in the shower, and if it is done right, it will be completely contained in the shower pan until it runs down the shower drain. It is completely isolated from the toilet drain and from the floor area immediately adjacent to the toilet flange. The dam should be independent of the toilet because the toilet may move a bit and break any seal that you install between the toilet and the shower floor.
    7. Reinstall the toilet.

    You could use some other means to make a dam around the hole in the pan, under the toilet, but the effectiveness of the solution will depend on damming the water from the shower to keep it in the shower pan. It should include some kind of mechanical fastening and sealing of a waterproof solid part. I suppose you could get two wax rings and cut/form them to make a bigger one to make the dam, but I wouldn't rely on that.

    If you paid a professional to do the job in the first place, he should come fix it permanently for no additional charge.

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    Talking you got a problem.

    it sounds like the contractor really screwed up,
    and it does not sound like a well desigend handicapped bathroom ...

    my guess is you cant get him to come back out to fix it right either??

    if he put the whole bathroom in a pan, which does not sound like

    he did a proper job to me, I cannot understand

    how he fellow put the toilet in the room and did not make some sort

    of lip or something going up through the hole......

    I hope the fellow also gave good fall to the shower drain and the
    water is not pooling around or falling to the flange hole ...

    that would be very bad...

    It sounds like this is in a pretty tight area and the
    shower is literally right next to the toilet, Is this correct???

    so somebody in a wheel chair comes in ther and basically
    sloshes water everywhere when they take a shower>>>???

    If this is about right, then it sounds like a total glorified mess to me..


    I am sure you have alredy tried this, but just glueing down

    that toilet with a large gob of water proof might work to fend off

    the water ,,, but if it is standing around the toilet, it will most likely

    find its way through the tile

    my best suggestion is to
    take the bum to court if you can...
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