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Thread: Help Moving a shower drain under floor

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    Default Help Moving a shower drain under floor

    As I stated in my other thread I'm replacing my shower receptor and have ordered a new one that has the drain offset from it's current location. I'm not new to working with pvc but only in non-critical applications and don't want to mess up my new drain. My questions are thus:

    1) Is there any way to dimantle a pvc joint other than hacksawing it apart?

    2) What pitfalls should I lookout for if I have to hacksaw the P-trap off and extend the old pipe?

    This seems pretty straight forward to me, hack off the old p-trap, put an extension on the old pipe, put a new p-trap on and away I go. I already know how to clean the pipe and dress the pipe with the purple cement stuff. The part that scares me is that I think it's so easy I might miss something. Can someone tell me if i've got it right or let me know what else I need to consider.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Straight Tailpiece

    It's very important to get your trap set in the exact location. If your tailpiece cocks either way you may not get a good seal. Install the strainer in the base and set the base. Stick a pipe through the hole and plumb it both ways and sink into ground. Lift base. recheck plumb, make measurements from plates, set trap with tailpiece and then make your horizontal measurement. Recheck your base before setting it in mortar. Be prepared to redo your drain if it is not right. It can be frustrating.


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