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Thread: Salt Taste in Water After Regen

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    Ok guys, you are starting to get way beyond my knowledge level in water softeners, but it's still interesting reading.

    I plan to ask the Co. to have the water tested for sodium levels. This should be the best way to determine if the softener is malfunctioning or incorrectly set-up, tanks wise or control settings. Taste can be somewhat subjective. Tastes salty to me, doesn't taste salty to me.

    How exactly do you control the time of the units cycling stages? The only setting I see are for salt dose and regeneration days. Are those times set by the manufacturer or selectable by the installer?

    I was also wondering if you periodically re-test the water for hardness or whatever you are trying remove from the water? As a previous swimming pool owner, water testing was a weekly routine. I know pool water has many environmental factors affecting the water quality, but that may not be for ground water.

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    Ground water quality can change, too. Especially, if it is a shallow well, surface conditions can affect it. Road salt, contaminents, etc.

    El Paso, TX gets its water (mostly) from really deep wells. There's salt water underneath the fresh, and they're approaching the salty layer since they've had uncontrolled expansion and poor water conservation. Kind of tough in the desert, but it happens more often than it should.

    Just got back from an Alaska vacation. Found out that the fresh water melt from the glaciers is often so strong that you can drink the fresh water on top of the salt in many places before it mixes. Lots of animals drink from the bay, which would normally kill them with the salt.
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