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Thread: Forced Air Furace Exhaust Housing Broken

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    Default Forced Air Furace Exhaust Housing Broken

    I'm wondering if I can repair this without replacing the exhaust fan motor ($220).

    The problem is that on a high efficiency (90 plus) furnace there is a thumb nail piece of plastic missing from the exhaust fan housing. The piece missing is right where the housing stubs out to go into the PVC exhaust. The piece is broken because someone (not me) tried to screw the PVC exhaust and not solvent weld it into the housing stub out. Now that there is a piece missing I have two options. One is to replace the entire fan and the other option is to repair. Can anybody tell me about a method to repair a whole like this in the rigid plastic? It would have to be a good repair as this is the exhaust and will be warm.

    Thanks for any insight!
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    need picture

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    Go to a local auto parts store and take a look at what they have for air-heat-welding PVC and other plastics (bodywork). What you will find is something similar to a soldering iron, but with an air passage down through its center. With a low volume of air flowing through, the "welder" gets hot and you can use a fill rod (PVC) and the hot air just like you would gas-weld with steel or brazing rod ... but be very sure to practice and get good at it somewhere else first!


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