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Thread: Copper Fitting Leaking on pressure vacuum breaker-update info

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    Default Copper Fitting Leaking on pressure vacuum breaker-update info

    When I posted the question about the female copper fitting leaking on the supply line to the pressure vacuum breaker I left out some relevant info. The leak is very slow;I guess about 1 drop a minute but it is definitely leaking. When I was removing the old female pvc fitting I put a small nick in the outermost 1 or 2 threads.

    Is there some product I can use to sort of patch the area on the thread or am I looking at desoldering this fitting? Teflon joint compound helped alot but the leak is still there.Thanks again for your help

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    Default Prv

    I do not think I have ever seen any vacuum breaker that fastened to a female thread. But, because of the way threads work usint a proper sealant and tightening it completely willl usually repair an minor damage to the threads, (major damage will usually prevent the two from even engaging).


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