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Thread: Nibco Dura Pex questions

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    Default Nibco Dura Pex questions

    I have a plumber that I believe I want to use for my upcoming job. First I have some questions. I noticed he said he likes Nibco Dura Pex that he had in the back of his truck so I looked up theyre website and my question is what connections and fittings should I ask him to use ? Nibco has copper or stainless crimp rings ?? Also for fittings they have brass, cast, and wrot.....?
    If any of these are clearly better than the other and the cost difference is not that great then I would like to know so I can ask for them for use on the job.

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    Talking Nibco dura pex

    I would be leerey of it... Their is a lot of older dura pex out in the market and their are a bunch of lawsuits on the stuff down in the south carolina...

    wether they made the product better or not I would still be wary...

    somewhere on this site their is a thread with people crying the blues about Nibco dura pex

    if you must use pex use the
    Wirsbo pex with the expander fittings...
    that is the best on the market

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    Thanks master plumber mark. Thats the kind of information I need. I will certainly make a note of it and ask him about it.

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    Well Ive done some more reading. I found that Wirsbo is now called Uponor and from what I have read so far they have what looks to be the best and longest track record in the industry for pex. I have yet to run this by a plumber yet to see what response I get. Thanks again.


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