I know that the Toto toilets are favored on this forum, but we're tight on time, and we're probably going to have to buy what we can find in Lowe's or Home Depot.

Lowe's and Home Depot only have the American Standard Cadet Flowise in stock in the bone color, which is the color we need. I'm extremely hesitant to get a 1.28 GPF toilet, as I'm worried about how well it flushes.

Has anyone had this toilet for more than a couple of weeks, and does it do a good job of getting rid of solid waste? I hate those toilets with low water levels that leave stuff behind, if you will, when you flush.

I might be able to talk my hubby into waiting for a Toto, but then does anyone know if Toto's bone color is the same as American Standard's? We have an AS bone tub that we have to match. Maybe I should post as a separate thread...

Thanks for any advice.