Howdy! I recently bout an old home and have been remodeling it, bringing it up to date. It has a Crane Neuton Toilet in it with the tank that mounts to the wall and a chromed elbow ataching it to the bowl. Other than there being a little corrosion on the elbow(giving it what a local Home Depot employee called a 'quite-chic' patina....yeah) it is in great shape. The only real problem is the rubber seals are rotten, and there is no rubber flange, washer, or gasket or whatever(pardon my ignorance of proper terminology) to seal the pipe portion that enters the bowl. The previous owner used a thick layering of teflon tape to seal the fitting, but I was hoping for something a little more refined . Does anyone know where I could find suitable parts for this thing? Or are there any other sugestions?