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Thread: Problem with Laundry Drain. Photos Included.

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    As an aside, if that's lead showing on those cast iron joints, it's the worst lead-finishing I've ever seen.
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    Does anyone know where I can find the
    Fernco P22UX-205: for extra heavy cast iron (marked "XH")
    that was referenced earlier.

    I did a google search....and nothing comes up. Or, is there another suitable item. Thanks

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    The hardware stores carry a relatively small assortment of the very commonly used fittings. They can sell them at a good price based on volume. That leaves you up a tree when you tackle a project that needs more specialty fittings. A good plumbing supply house will get you what you need. If you visit the fernco website, you will see the massive variety available. A hardware store just can't stock it all.


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