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Thread: i cant get part of my shower diverter stem out

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    Default i cant get part of my shower diverter stem out

    I have a house that was built in 1962. It still has the original american standard faucet (I believe the make is colonial). I have taken most of the stem out but the part before the plastic washer is stuck. Is it attached?? I have been working on this off and on for 2 weeks.

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    A good hardwarer store stocks a small metal hook for $3 to $4. Just tell him the problem and he wil hook you up. Ha! Ha! You can insert the hook into the stem hole and snag and pull out the stuck parts.

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    Default diverter

    I have had to fabricate a "hook" to grab inside the diverter, and then "pound" it out.

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    Default shower diverter

    I tried the hook. It does not help. I swear this thing is attached to the pipe. Is that possible. I got out the plastic piece that is behind it and the washers but that last brass end will not come out.


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