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Thread: Need help removing grab bar from bathtub

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    Default Need help removing grab bar from bathtub

    Hi folks, I need help removing this grab bar from this bathtub. Any ideas please???

    Thank you....

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    If it doesn't unbolt, a hack saw?
    That to me, looks more dangerous with a tripping hazard than could ever had helped an older person.

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    I'd then be thinking tub-liner and acrylic wall solution when it is off (aka Bathfitter or a cheaper competitor) or a glass sliding door to conceal the marks.

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    If the damage isn't too great when it is removed, their is a kit to fix it. I am pretty sure HD carries it.

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    Do those square flanges lift up to expose bolts?? If not, it was installed from underneath before the tub was installed. Trying to remove it would cause damage to the tub, and even if you get it off, you have holes in the tub. You could not fix those in any way that would be aesthetically acceptable to me.

    Why not just leave it??

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    Thanks everyone, my client just doesn't like it! It won't just lift off, maybe it is bolted on from underneath........ I'm thinking I'll take a grinder to it, then either check out that kit @ HD (tx), or call a company that does tub repairs to patch up whatever damage I do....
    Any other ideas........???

    Thanks again,

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    I don't like it either, plus, someone could get their foot caught in it and take a tumble. I guess, a new tub is another option.


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