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Thread: I need some info on moving my toilet

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    Smile I need some info on moving my toilet

    I have been wanting to enlarge my bathroom and wondered how hard is it to move a toilet. I have an older home and it has cast iron pipes and copper. I have been redoing my whole house, redoing the floors, laying tile, etc and learning as I go, but I am trying to find out what's involved in the bathroom. I can not afford to hire any one to do it, so if it's going to get done I have to do myself. I am determined to get it done and hopefully done right. I need to know do I have to use cast iron or can I use pvc and go into a cast iron stack? Thanks for any and all info Cindy

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    It can be done with PVC but in order to determine the degree of difficulty or if it is even possible it needs to be looked at by a an experienced plumber...
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    Default toilet

    quote; I am determined to get it done and hopefully done right.
    You should be more concerned about "hopefully get it done and DETERMINED to get it done RIGHT". If it is not done right you will have to live with the consequences until you do it over. No way to tell you how to do it. You should be able to use PVC, but whether that is the best material for your installation depends on what you find when you open the floor.
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