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Thread: outdoor security light

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    Default outdoor security light

    I'm looking for a good outdoor security light, that won't come on and off at the slightest increase in wind speed, but will be able to detect humans or vehicles in my driveway. Right now I have a "three-bulbed" light, but it's old and i want something new. I've gone onto the Home depot site and Lowes but all they have is the "Heath Zenith" lights, and when I read their reviews...customers hate them.
    Would like one with three lights but would settle for one with two if it's a good one.
    Any suggestions

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    I have two of the halogen models and have yet to have any problems with either. I think you have to take online reviews with a grain of salt. How many get bought that never receive any reviews? Also I think people are more inclined to come back to write negative reviews than they are to do so and write positive ones.
    I consider myself an accomplished DIY'er. I don't know everything but help where I can. I'm not a pro, but like to think I'm professional.


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