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Thread: Converting from Potassium to Sodium

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    Default Converting from Potassium to Sodium

    I have a Kinetico 2025S that was originally set up for potassium. Now that potassium is both hard to find and expensive, I'd like to try sodium.

    What do I have to do to my system to switch over to sodium?

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    Not sure - it can easily hold 2 bags (80#) of potassium. I probably couldn't fit 3 bags in it. It is about the same height as the resin tanks, and is rectangular.


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    Andy - thanks for the reply - I guess my last post wasn't too clear. I can fit 2 40# bags (80# total) in the tank. The dimensions you give sound about right (I'm not at home right now & can't measure). The system is definitely a 2025S (just read the label last night).

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    I called the company that installed the system, and they said I am fine without the grid plate. They told me how to adjust the float to it is at the correct height (slightly different between KCl & NaCl as you described).

    Do you agree the grid plate is "optional" with NaCl?

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    I am using a prefilter. The tank stays pretty clean (water a little murky, but not bad). I'll switch over to sodium in the next day or two (KCl almost gone).

    Thanks for the help!



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