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We chose tankless because we wanted the extra space (I can build a home theatre in my basement now!) but I wouldn't recommend tankless to anyone who doesn't have a space issue.

I changed to a tankless for the same reason. I needed the floor space for other uses.

However, I prefer to have the unlimited hot water that the tankless provides.

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Thanks zl700 and ChuckS.

It looks like I will have to live with the delay. It is not a problem for showers or dish washing - an extra 30 seconds you just get used to and plan appropriately. However, it means I never get to wash my hands in warm water - I'll have to see if I can get used to that.

By the way the PEX is 1/2". I like the idea of recirculation if it means no wasted water while waiting for it to heat. I'll talk to my installer, thanks.

How many times a day do you wash your hands at home? I guess you are going to have to either wait a few seconds and let the water get warm, or you can simply rough it out washing your hands in that freezing cold water!

The only time of the year that the "cold" hot water bothers me for hand washing is in the middle of the winter. Most of the year the cold water is at room temperature. Since I am a manly man I rough it out washing my hands with 70 degree water.