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Thread: Fixing dull spot in shower stall

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    Default Fixing dull spot in shower stall

    I have a fiberglass shower stall. Awhile back, I was stupid enough to use silicone to help a suction cup stick on the wall. It didn't work, and now it has been removed.

    And how.

    I had to sand the silicone to get it off the wall. Now, I have a circular(ish) spot on the fiberglass wall that is dull and rough. I know it will never be undetectable, but I'd like to make it look better nonetheless.

    I've tried automotive rubbing compound; it didn't do squat. I'm clueless at this point.

    How can I make this spot look better?

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    Wear dark glasses so you won't notice. You sanded off the acrylic surface or clear coat, and that is not easily repaired.

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    Surely there must be something I can put on that small area to make it a bit less noticeable. I know it will never be undetectable but... Something that adheres and reflects roughly the same amount of light?


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